Vegan Enchiladas

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Recipe provided by Presbytera Bridget



1 pkg. 30 Corn Tortillas
Canola Oil for frying tortillas
4 cups homemade Green Chile Sauce**
2 boxes Hash Brown Potatoes
1 large Zucchini, shredded finely*
1 cup French Fried Onions
3 cups vegan Cheese
*Add sliced olives, summer squash, eggplant, bell pepper or other fresh veggies that you like to personalize this recipe.
** Try store bought Enchilada Sauce – green or red if you don’t have time to make your own.


1. Reconstitute hash browns and cook in skillet to brown as desired, add shredded zucchini when potatoes are 2/3 done and finish browning all.
2. Gently fry corn tortillas (each side) just enough soften slightly, set aside to drain in colander.
3. Using a 9″ X 13″ casserole dish, cover bottom with green chile sauce (about 1 cup).
4. Layer half of the corn tortillas atop sauce.
5. Spread potato/zucchini mixture, french fried onions and 1 1/2 cups cheese over corn tortillas, then pour 1 1/2 cups green chile sauce over all.
6. Layer second half of corn tortillas, then top with the rest of the vegan cheese and finally the rest of the green chile sauce.
7. Bake 350 for 45 minutes. Let rest for 15 minutes before cutting/serving.

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